The time has passed since Nashville has become the hip destination to move to. We have also passed the time where it was cool to have your bachelor/bachelorette party in Nashville. It is easy to see why as the city has live music on every street downtown, a terrific bar culture, the Cumberland River cutting through it, hikes within driving distance, and excellent food selection. When the time comes for your next corporate event, here are some of the best options.

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LOLA Event Space

Operated by the city of Nashville, this space can house large or small events. The location is the selling point, operating right in the heart of downtown. They offer an authentic “Nashville Experience.” There are plenty of hotels and breweries within walking distance. Call them for a quote.


Address: 219 Rep. John Lewis Way N, Nashville, TN 37219


Contact: (615) 497-6802

The Bridge Building Event Space

Situated on the redeveloped riverfront area, this venue offers a one of a kind rooftop view of downtown Nashville. They have three floors of completely customizable design areas. It can hold up to 1,250 people in their 10,200 square feet facility. They also offer a patio and observatory and one of the self proclaimed greenest buildings in the world (whatever that means). They have an in house caterer and are within walking distance to everything downtown has to offer. Rental prices start at $3,500 and run up to $16,00 for the entire venue for a full day.


Address: 2 Victory Ave #100, Nashville, TN 37213


Contact: (615) 369-6474

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Emerson Hall

Located north of downtown, they offer a full service bar, tables and chairs for all guests, a hall that can house 200+ guests, catering options, and access to a hotel on the premises. The walls are whitewashed and customizable for your desire. The event space was renovated in 2021 and it shows elegant designs inside this ornate 1930’s era building with hardwood floors. 


Address: 2512 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206


Contact: (615) 678-5895


The Cordelle

More than 10,000 square feet of indoor, outdoor, patio, and a covered porch comprise this amazing facility within the downtown limits. They can handle up to 400 guests that can be divided well within their six different rooms. Finally, they offer a diverse array of types of events from networking, panels, and meetings. They also have a bar on site and a ton of upsell options.


Address: 45 Lindsley Ave, Nashville, TN 37210


Contact: (615) 354-8746

YARD GAME Rentals for Parties Callout